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I found Kusoge in Play Store under a publisher named Visual-Worldplay... and now  I am laughing out loud here. I don't know anymore if this game is a big introduction of term and trends or just a playful mock to the cliches in anime-manga world xD

Plus.... are there any walkthrough for completing all of CGs? 'cause I only got the pictures till that Sister Waifu background and it seems that there are many others locked CG even after I concured 25 endings... :'/

this is a masterpiece

The spiritual successor to Atashi no Riri that I never realized I needed in my life. 11/10 would die laughing again.

This VN is brilliant! I found it by chance on my smartphone. Will you upload it on Steam? ( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡° )

Yea, will this be available on steam?

I'm still deciding... ><;; the steam greenlight process seems kinda tedious for me OTL

i've been playing thr game for the last hour and got 22 out of 25 waifus. my favorite waifu/husbando is obv classmate-kun!!!!! is it even possible to get all 25 waifus?! vyre niecu gemau!1

Yes it is! Have you tried the walkthrough? You can also skip through the text using the ctrl button to see if you read through all the text! After you get all 25 waifus, you unlock a secret ending~ Thanks for playing XD